Dear readers, BOBOYUNJAE is very glad to inform you that finally we HAD our own Facebook to update news/info/images about YunJae, and DB5K in the fastest way for you ^___^ Please drop by our new other house in HERE and support us with your love :”> Cheers, BOBOYUNJAE 


  1. I read your posts, they’re well made, the ideas and language are great. Just one little suggestion, I saw some minor grammatical errors, so please make sure to check everything thoroughly before uploading. But generally I LOVEEEE your blog very much

    1. Dear,
      Thank you for your feedback!
      Yes, we want to post info and news on our guys in both languages so that Vietnamese and foreign fans can read and understand all. We almost do not correct the posts in English bc they belong to the giver or translators, unless there are too many typos or something like that. So it is obvious to have errors in the posts.
      We will notice and correct posts which have errors later! Thanks for your advice!

  2. Hi, just wanna say, thanks for creating this blog. So many Yunjae information, despite the language, lol.

    I am one of that “ex-Yunjae almost hater” aka I really didn’t like Yunjae in the past, but I wasn’t a hater yet, if you know what I mean. There were some stuff happened and it totally changed my whole perception about Yunjae and now I understand why YJ fans keep believing and supporting them till this days.

    I call myself Yunjae supporter,not Stan, because I support them as real people and real couple, not just Yaoi character in fictions ^^ Again thanks for your effort and I hope we can keep supporting them till the end.

  3. Hi, I had commented before but idk it doesn’t appear here.. so I decided to give another comment using other account ^^

    I wanna say thanks for your articles about Yunjae, for your faith and loyalty. I am a new Yunjae supporter even tho I have supported DBSK5 since 2006/2007. For years, I was an “almost hater” of Yunjae, really disliked them and their fans. But some things happened and it totally changes my view and perspective about them. Now I totally understand why many people believe in them, even until this day. I have decided to become their supporter (I never call myself as Yunjae “fan”). I am not that type of person who only like them as fanfics characters. I really support and admire them as real people with real relationship.
    Again, thanks so much for your effort :))

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