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 10479688_1386395251650935_8189801496162821924_n 10446488_1386395264984267_6402787708533368020_n


“In yesterday’s fan meet Jaejoong said he has seen Yunho’s drama”
he didn’t check the paper but he said “I have seen”
It’s from Yuaerubi 유愛루비

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Here is the link http://cafe.daum.net/soul48/392n/4619?svc=cafeapp


#YunJae #Ambassador #Samestyle

10628204_1386206901669770_1974786107108714409_n 10660220_1385756665048127_3807755241659661198_n

cre: dorolovelove & BabyYJ_is_Real


#YunJae vs BrownxCoNy


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140930 JYJ Just Us Fansign

Fan told Jae he can choose one from these and cos Jae hesitated, fan said he can choose two. He chose…

10351885_1385338988423228_6094549954723219149_n 10520421_1385360258421101_2365107414217253921_n

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Again & again

10635829_1385327821757678_2859942874260792829_n  10675621_1385327741757686_9049182380122575786_n10671408_1385327958424331_7260175170497732380_n

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10251972_1385325325091261_886792151872717472_n 10291062_1385325698424557_9053665859502909328_n

Eng-trans: yunjaery


“recently through SJ members they communicate each other and Yunho says he wanna see Jaejoong these days”

T/N: but most of us Jp fans don’t believe all the story about that. Bc.. It’s just a tabloid article.”


Trans by: ichiko96@twitter


Sasengs confirmed that Jaejoong used it to keep his nipples pink =w=


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 10418232_1385157391774721_7928054825829503338_n 10599161_1385157335108060_3885571693679366980_n 1907852_1385157361774724_4037404822316230781_n10676366_1385157375108056_3617958322212366623_n

cre: dorolovelove & babyyj_is_real


Jaejoong wore the ring given by Amour YoonJae at JYJ concert “The Return on The King” in Thailand.
cre: amouryoonjae ·



cre: dorolovelove


cre: BabyYJ_is_Real


120929 JUST US Fansign
Junsu drew a star, Jaejoong: ♥x5, Yoochun: ♥♥♥♥♥

10418967_1384960561794404_6201059152898173060_n 10645133_1384960588461068_7927588789022656024_n




Ques written: I’ve gone into a website called Yuaerubi*. Yes or No? Jae and Junsu answered Yes!

* Yuaerubi is an #OT5 fansite *

1235496_1384563991834061_922912140513661803_n 1622827_1384563995167394_5082273959211039813_n

cre: berryogeurt
trans by: KatHeartsJJ


Couple’s animal arts xD

Yunho(left): Rhino & Jaejoong(right): Squirrel


_cre: zMYJCassZ


rladnwndnwn, who posted the pics, is Kim Woojoo, Yunho’s best friend who participated in writing November with love and he liked + commented a pic of JYJ concert “The Return of The King” last month

10404177_1384480395175754_1225074372394254242_n 10641291_1384480388509088_3614210910828444480_n 10698653_1384480371842423_7853732970195036189_n

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#YunJae Same suite or same style? Maybe they bought 2

P/s: Jaejoong in his father’s 70th birhtday celebration on 28 Sep 2014

10626851_1384477048509422_1421317180716232987_n 10641297_1384477111842749_1079883398332432468_n 10704148_1384477058509421_1329396457261960359_n

via BabyYJ_is_Real & Yamada_Ai_Lisa


YunJae’s secret love hand sign?


via Twitter


On 12 Sep, Yunho’s friend – Son Hojun tweeted a selca pic of him with Yunho. 

BxUbnEICMAA9qvw.png large

A few minutes later, Jaejoong uploaded this doom pic to his IS account:

BxUpcE2CUAAFjYY.jpg large

The image was a bit similar to Yunho’s tatoo in Something MV, however, if Yunho’s fake tattoo is a sword stabs through the heart, Jaejoong’s image is a rose instead. Does it look like a love bleeding?


Pic: via Nhu Hoa Jaejoong 


Same Ring?

The first pic is Jaejoong’s header now in Twitter.

Jaejoong (in blue vest) on Nylon magazine & Yunho in Something MV


Pic: via Nhu Hoa Jaejoong


YunJae’s same style outfit on stage?


via twitter


This is now a first time; but yes, he might coincidentally park his car nearby “someone”‘s standee, or he might not :3


pic cre: anchiyh


Jaejoong: We miss TVXQ just like how everyone does. If there’s a chance, we hope we can be together. We can’t say this in the past, but it’s time we can say (this) now.

(Cr. 籽言)

Junsu sang Hug in Chinese. This was the lines he sang “”悄悄藏在你抽屉里成为你心情的日记”


Jaejoong & Junsu with RED towels

BvuiQ3hCcAI-QLw BvuPB7wCMAAfGrz

Via yunjaery @ Twitter

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  1. I accidentally discovered your blog yesterday and spent many hours reading all of your posts. They are really useful and detailed!!! For posts requiring password, I wonder if you could share pass for me or not. I’m so curious about them. Here is my email: invisiblegirl60026002@gmail.com
    Anyway, thank for your all inf. They made me believe in YoonJae more and more 😀

    • Hi, thank you for your words 🙂
      We have many locked posts, each post has a different pw; normally we just give pw in certain occasions; but we will give you one pw for one post now. Plz leave the link of the post you want to read, we will send you its pw then.
      Ballie for Bobo

  2. I’ve only found your page today, hope I could reach this sooner. It’s so freaking awesome the way you post in English as your second language. Your words are clear and coherent, your designing ideas are great too since it’s very easy for tablet users. Good job, wish you luck on updating more info about TVXQ n YunJae. One more thing, you two are lovely bloggers, hope you success

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