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#YunJae The Chimp & The Hat Story


Same jacket?

Yunho – 130929 Back to Kor. from Africa


[cre on pic] 


Minhyun Nu’est  mentioned the dream of eating tonkatsu with Yunjae in a Japanese magazine 

That when he visited to Turkey, he had a dream of sitting in a restaurant and eating pork cutlet rice with Yunho sunbaenim; then he said to Yunho “Please take care on ur way to home”; Minhyun also said at that time he sat beside JYJ’s Jaejoong; basically whenever he talked about Yunho, he mentioned Jaejoong then. Lately, Minhyun Nu’est did mention about Yunho n Jaejoong like 4 times. He said “it’s like that there is a fate between them (YunJae).

809391498via Meo sama @ Twitter

[PROMO COCA COLA PERU ] ☆ Shinki Coca Cola Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Yunho, and Changmin ^-^!




Whose voice?

Jaejoong had posted the following vid on his Instagram account on Sep 6th 2013; but deleted it immediately afterthat.

The question is “Y” he did that? 

cre: Sunblind YunJae

NOTE: This is just for reference. Believe in what You wanna ^^


Jaejoong followed someone in Instagram, who setting his ava was a picture with Yunho

BT-GTe-CIAAFAkLvia twitter


A work of Yunho – Memory.There‘re the Cassiopeia & the  letters “Y” “J” on it,displayed in Gwangju’s Design Biennale

806481732cre: uknownie


Same style T-shirt


cre: on pic


Same belts

BTUyFfUCEAAUBf-cre: Dorolovelove


130829 Jaejoong wore Givenchy Jacket MADE IN ITALY to come to THE SPY VIP PREMIERE. Yunho also had worked in Milan before. 

Is it true if except the items of the Fornasetti house (scroll down for see it), Yunho presented this jacket for Jaejoong too xD?

JJ1011635_649327398424737_1766166199_n (1)via mrsyunjae 

Jaejoong w/ the jacket at Cojjee

Sharon Lo


This is the newest selca which Jaejoong tweeted on Aug 27th 2013. To the right, the thing in the red small frame was a perfume presented by YoonJaeLoveBar

BSrczCWCYAAi4-Wcre: YoonJaeLoveBar



 Ayumi Hamasaki held TVXQ towel & JYJ towel. She came down to audience zone & cheered 2 guys w/ fans


cre: ♡하늘♡ XIA


There was one concert, YJLB brought a big lightboard, and kept holding it up. When Yunho was dancing, he looked to that side, saw the lightboard, then turned his head back. His smile was still on during the rest performance. When the song ended, the girl from YoonJaeLoveBar was tired of holding the lightboard, she put it down to rest for a while. Yunho saw it, he raised his hand to indicate her to hold it up.

cre: 宛伶_JaeYoon_Coney/ via: YunJaeDB5K @twitter


They cant stop copying each other!

BRM0t_bCUAAVJBRvia YunthrustJae@twitter


YunJae appeared on a Chinese Newspaper with the tittle “Not any hug can be called “The hug of the century”. This article realeased after when the trending topic 东方柛起 trended by Chinese cassies yesterday got No.1 (August 7th 2013). 


581777_596129823765457_503231677_nvia 1113theChicky@twitter


Did Jaejoong get the flora (a kind of scented candle) and other items of the Fornasetti house in Milan from Yunho???? 

Note: The right pic was posted on Jaejoong’s twitter on August 7th 2013. Yunho has come back to Korea from Milan for some days. 

BRD6fGRCQAEYK3Dcre: arinasom/

797632246via bambishim@twitter

Here we go the the shop Fornasetti online 



970838_219507444891812_226567408_n759f7cc5jw1e7cuzktqhyj20k00zkn3l BQiZWx9CAAQRdpRCre: Jaejoong’s Twitter & Line & Woo YunJae

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