13/06/24-25-26 YoonJae hints @ Jaejoong in Yokohama FM + BONUS


Kim Sung Ryung – filmed in Jackal is coming & Yawang – in an interview said ‘재중이와 윤호는 귀엽다’ , meaning JAEJOONG and YUNHO are cute. 


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Wifi accounts in Coffee Cojjee. There is TV5XQ.




JYJcomeon (JJ) replied YJS and reblogeg OT5 on Weibo. The accounts were replied is 允在夫夫 – meaning YunJae Phu Phu (Phu = Hubby) and s_xue (an OT5)



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#BabyPowder Love:

Jae said Junsu has a scent of baby powder and he feels like licking in JYJ Membership Week  June 2013.

Yun said he likes the smell of baby powder in a Japanese TV interview.

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#JYJ Members’ Week – 130630

Today Yuchun mentioned many times about the DB5K’s old moments.

When he was asked about the most memorable award & the most memorable memory on stage, Yuchun mentioned about the Hug era &  the Rising Sun respectively. 

Such as:

1) Hug

What’s the most memorable award that you’ve received?

YC:  “After winning our first award (during HUG) in 2004, all 5 members were really happy in the car”

This video 

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2) Rising Sun

Yoochun was asked about the most memorable episode related to the stage? Yoochun said he has never said this before, during the rising sun stage, he ate too much before going up the stage, he sang halfway and the members were lined up in a row and that time the lights were off, so at that time he vomited the food out.



#JJinYokohama 130626

When JJ was checking the girls’ rock style fashion (on the screen), a fan who was holding the pink YunJae towel was shown.

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Jaejoong  used the “It’s now” gag, the one Tohoshinki has been using through TohoTimeTour.

Jaejoong drew a man and kiss “him” The question is why he didnt draw a girl? hahaha and “that man” looks like a man

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Take a look and tell me who he is???? 

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After putting a very big heart around “JeJung”, he kissed the “Jung” to show his love!

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Jaejoong sang Hitomi Wo Tojite (Ken Hirai – 瞳をとじて) in the FM today.

Ken Hirai is known that he got married with his boyfriend. He’s gay! [via taurysays]

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This song was sung by him in DBSK’s 3rd Bigeast FM. 


The point is that Yunho said Hitomi Wo Tojite is his favorite song once. He also sang it while YunJae were in backstage before. [via: beeboowy]

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Jaejoong sang Untral Soul; this song was the song the members asked Changmin to sing during Bigeast fanmeeting at the last time 


SHITAKA-san, who made XIA’s THANK U FOR and also some OT5 songs, went to Jae’s concert tonight!! [via: ichiko96]

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Jaejoong supported indirectly Ocean & Wedding dress – Tohoshinki?!?!


Jaejoong: Ame-otoko (Rain man – A person that seem to bring/cause rain)

YH: Speaking of Jaejoong, isn’t he the rain boy, rain boy~ ||JJ: Speaking of Yunho, he’ll be, rain… YH: Youth of rain! – Bigeast Station

(From 1’10”)

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YunJae w/ the exclusively designed earphones by SoundCat


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Same manager again? Wondering if manager is a rare job in Korea – a super entertainment industry country?

Jae: today, depart for Jap – june 19th ; Yunho, yesterday, back to Kor – june 18th 2013


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This is the picture Jaejoong posted on LINE yesterday, June 18th 2013, he was wearing a kind of snapback hats and eating something. Fans found that this hat’s origin is from Jap; and the food on the table may be warabi mochi- a very famous cuisine in Japan.

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1) June 10th 2013 – YunJae wedding day: 

He tweeted this on June 10th 2013, at 10 am KST and the tweet included 6 letters “Gogogo”.

“Gogogo” is also a part of Ocean’s lyrics – Tohoshinki’s new single released on June 12th 2o13


2) In this single, there is a song named “Wedding dress”, and, exactly on june 12th, Jaejoong updated these following pictures on JYJ LINE:


The point is that these arent taken on that day, but before; however, Jaejoong randomly posted his parents’ wedding anniversary on june 12th, the same day when “Wedding dress” officially released. What a coincidence!

On the same day, he also tweeted this:


which means ” I think you can tell that I’ve aged too… lol”. 

Do you see him old? For God, he’s even so much younger than his real age ==! And do you notice he said “too”? Why? Maybe you can find the reason below:

_ In Frau Magazine (June 10th 2013), Yunho said “My age is catching up recently (laugh), so basically it’s the same, there’re some parts of my body changing”. 

3) Finally, Jaejoong changed his display by a picture of Yayoi Kusama’s art work on June 12th. He mentioned Yayoi & her art works before. You can find here 


The thing is Tohoshinki & Yayoi Kusama showed up on ZIP in the morning of that day. 

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