[To my OT5 friends] (cr:tjvyxjqnanaaa) My friend’s father is a person related to avex…I recently heard a story from my friend. Her father seems to meet Tohoshinki often. I heard that once, when her father met Yunho, Yunho was hearing Tohoshinki’s (5 members’) CD T^T

Dịch: [Gửi tới những người bạn OT5 của tôi] (nguồn:tjvyxjqnanaaa) Bố của bạn tôi là một người có liên quan đến Avex… T vừa nghe 1 câu chuyện từ người bạn này của mình. Bố cô ấy dường như rất hay gặp được Tohoshinki. Tôi nghe nói có 1 lần, khi ông ấy gặp Yunho, thì anh đang nghe CD (bản 5 người) của Tohoshiki.

[To my OT5 friends] (cr:hosusuki_tvfxq) At the 1st day in Nagoya, before singing the 5 members’ medley, Yunho was saying “Tanoshimu junbi OK~!? Tanoshimu junbi OK~!?” (^O^)/ We OT5s are so delighted~♪ (t/n: Yoochun used to say these words during the concerts)

Dịch: [Gửi tới những người bạn OT5 của tôi] (nguồn:hosusuki_tvfxq) Buổi biểu diễn đầu tiên ở Nagoya, trước khi hát các giai điệu của 5 người trước đây, Yunho đã nói “”Tanoshimu junbi OK~!? Tanoshimu junbi OK~!?” Chúng tôi, các OT5 vô cùng hài lòng khi nghe thấy chúng~♪ (ghi chú: Yoochun thường từng nói câu này trong suốt các concert ở Nhật)

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At the left, it’s Yunho newly found car (2013 Mercedes Benz G-Class ~ $134,300). At the right, the foto taken in JJ’s birthday (?!) party; there was a mer. benz key spotted on the table. And, that’s exactly Yunho’s car type’s key!!!!



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Couple necklace?

BJbKuBWCEAAfph4 BJe-_VzCMAAhlstvia TonnamYJ


[130502] Yunho looking at JaeChun’s TonyMoly Ad board at airport??!! U can compare w/ the reflection on his glasses; and… his sad expression really touched my heart ;A;

765026277765026374BJOfb67CEAEvhShcre: Jinroee 


Yunho before & after seeing JaeChun’s TonyMoly ad board

3582_550264608351979_1899846965_ncre: yunjae – melody love


[Trans][rphyme’s blog in 2009 – Yunho and rphyme]

Bobo: rphyme is the one who appeared in all the three pictures here. We can see that he plays closedly w/ YunJae & Geunsuk. Btw, Geunsuk and Jaejoong are close frens; one of their frens has revealed this to fans! 


After a long time meeting U-know Yunho 
(I knew U-know Yunho before he debuted…)

Personally, I like TVXQ very much
no matter when they had interview or met them on the street recently
they are polite and make others happy
sincere and honest…

I am impressed by TVXQ, members’ amiable attitude, even it’s minor 

Today, I go to a balcony bar and drinking with some sunbaes who I haven’t seen for a while 

(Yunho) came and greeted me 
Then Hero Jaejoong came too…but I didn’t take picture with him…

Though we didn’t meet for a long time, they were like my little brothers as they used to be…
They are idols representing Korea.

They replied my text messages immediately 
(If I monitored their live music programs, they replied in 3 minutes.^^)

Stay healthy~

Prhyme all the time…

P.ASS Because he (Yunho) is idol, I added a bling bling frame! 
Kids nowadays are very tall…

-Yunho and …Jaejoong…only two of them went(to the bar)?!^^^^^
Where are the other members?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Source & Chinese trans : 楠楠思密达哟
English trans by erosie

Repost with full credits.


Yunho’s new solo song is Kiss Time; Jaejoong’s songs in his 1st solo album are One Kiss & Kiss B. 


The bridges are the same??? (Yunho in O- Jung Ban Hap MV/ Jaejoong on his recent avcaations in Japan)


cre: kouki


YunJae on a Chinese Magazine! (Bobo: Really wanna know what they wrote ><)


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Same shooting concept?!


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Same RED hair color <3: Yunho Time tour – Jaejoong solo concert



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Jaejoong officially admitted through LINE that he was on vacations in Japan for 1 week! That’s why he disappeared these days! This is the picture of him today at Gimpo airport  xD!


Here is the translation for LINE


This is the picture posted on JYJ LINE. Was that Yunho xD???



There’s a fangirl tweeted in Japanese that someone saw Jaejoong was being at a hotel near to Saitama Super Arena.

The fact is there hasnt been any info or picture of Jaejoong for these days, Jaejoong’s sister said that Jae was back to Kor after the concerts some days ago tho

This is the tweet:




Via Twitter

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  1. Oa…không biết người ngồi trên máy bay có phải là Yunho oppa không ? thất khiến cho người ta fải nghĩ ngợi, suy đoán………nếu sự thật đó là Yunho oppa đang ngồi cạnh Jaejung oppa thì minh thật sự vui chết mất~~ ôi . Thank nhà nhiều

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