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OT5 & YJ update


In order: JunSu JaeJoong YooChun ChangMin YunHo : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

“We are T”


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Yoochun sang “Magic Castle” at Hunan TV The Lantern Festival 2013

61ab8006jw1e24woxy59djvia twitter & weibo 


Same gesture: licking the pinkie finger ==

BDoFfmmCMAA9fVbvia Triple J


Same beanie? 

Yunho at airport on feb 21th 2013

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130219  Moonlight Prince used Hug as its background music today

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New couple Cartier bracelets: Jaejoong on 130220 & in solo concert & Yunho in Yawang




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Changmin and Yeonhee’s wedding photo appeared in Miss Ripley and now, Yawang!


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The same bracelets?!?!

731513496via Tonnam YJ


#JJinThailand 120217

One thai fan got on stage yesterday, she got a hug from JJ. And she whisper to JJ “I Missing YJ” then JJ was shy and nodded back. 


This is small project by YJ fans on the concert. “Y…only love J…”




130215 Was Jaejoong looking at the huge banner at Thailand ap? OMG was it his happy smile after seeing it?



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“W” on Jaejoong’s “Y” album cover?!?!


 Tracing those dots on JJ’s ‘Y’ album, Cassiopeia was made like that. That’s the meaning of the pic.”

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The same place?!

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The same vest?!

526409_154878511333303_924003799_nvia moo yunjae’s fb


 A couple in Wuhan got surgery to have the couple look! Yunjae couple look got specific!


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1) Fan acc

Okay firstly, I know people from all walks of life and I am particularly close with four homosexuals, whom 2 are females and the other two are male ukes. I never did know that most of my friends are active in the gay community….

I had a discussion with one of my male uke friend, who we call small three (directly translated from chinese). I have no idea why he likes that name.. For the first time, I accompanied him to shop and the clothes he picked out, I feel, are generally unacceptable for straight guys and I had a sudden thought : Do all ukes dress the same way or have the same style as him? and immediately thought of Jaejoong after. I asked him my question and he replied that all ukes generally like to wear revealing clothes, the more revealing the better. Also, ukes like to wear tight jeans that show off their figure along with boots so as to catch the eyes of other males. I then showed him a recent picture of Jaejoong taken in the airport (the reason I used a picture of Jaejoong in an airport is because he would be able to wear as he pleases unlike in posters as the stylist noona would be in charge of what clothes he wears) and he excitedly exclaimed something I didn’t understand. ( She herself does not understand the phrase but she typed what her friend said: 鬼沭受 which really does not mean anything. Directly translated 鬼= ghost 沭= the name of a river in China 受=uke.) He pointed at the picture of Jaejoong and explained that Jaejoong is catagorized under the “cold and arrogant” type of uke. However, despite being cold on the exterior, Jaejoong is actually a very gentle and warm person on the inside. But Jaejoong does not easily express his true personality no mater how close you are to him and only shows it in front of the person he loves. I was so touched (? she used touched… but it doesn’t make sense) when I heard this. He doesn’t even know Jaejoong and yet what he said was true. In front of Yunho, Jaejoong exhibits a side of himself so gentle and warm, even Yoochun Junsu and Changmin never could bring out in him. Then I took a the recent picture of Yunho dressed like a farmer in the airport and showed it to him. He then commented that Yunho is catagorized under the gentle and warm type of seme. His possessiveness over his lover is stronger than ordinary. You should not be fooled by his friendly looks as it is almost impossible to steal his lover away from him. I think everyone know who possessive and jealous gets over Jaejoong. I then showed him a picture of all 5 of them together and he exclaimed that he knows who the previous two people are, that they are YunJae. I was shocked as I never did told him anything about yunjae or dbsk so i asked how he came to know of them. He then told me that I didn’t have to ask anything else, Yunjae’s love is real and they are certainly together. He also told me that yunjae are/is(because they are one lol) very well known in the gay community. Also, the korean gay community always have news of them circulating around. There’s always a different atmosphere around yunjae when they’re together as compared to others. I could not be too quick to agree. I strongly believe in his claims since gays have an uncanny ability to recognise other gays and they are able to comprehend and the matters in the gay community better. He also said that he is really envious of their love, that the people in the gay community are all envious of their love. Despite so,I asked him another question. Both yunjae are straight and dated girls before. Doesn’t it make their love suspicious. He rebutted that I would not be able to understand since I’m one of them (aka gay) Both of them have been together for such a long time, attracting and seducing each other unknowingly, till they relented. (she used became gay but I do not believe you can turn gay… you realise that you are gay. Lol. me and my anti-discrimination against homosexuality) They probably had some reservations when they realised their love for each other and it is still unknown who was the one that confessed first. The people people in the gay community are still discussing and investigating. Small three is such a great person. I also made him promise to tell me first thing he hears any news on yunjae from the korean gay community.

Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong, even the world is accepting your love. Nowadays no one is unaware of your love. Come out of the closet already!

Cr. weibo  + aisenaiaishitai (engtrans)


Jaejoong Feb 6th 2012 Kakaotalk status is ‘saengil chuka hamnida’

cre: mirotic


In the Running Man, while Yunho opened running ball and written JAE SUK, Yunho tauched the word JAE over and over again

Cr. flowerlady17

Source: Peternakhamster wp

Reshared by: BOBOYUNJAE

6 thoughts on “OT5 & YJ update

  1. – Ặc, 2 đứa YJ này xài mấy cái vòng tay Cartier đẹp quá đi. K những thế, còn cái nhẫn Cartier JJ đeo ngón út nữa chứ, đẹp luôn (Yunho cũng có mà).
    – fanacc đó viết toàn những điều đúng rồi, thằng bé Jae đẹp như hoa thế, nấu ăn ngon, dịu dàng nên thằng bé Yun mới chết lăn chết lộn bao năm nay, bị chia bao lần nhưng rồi lại hao tâm tổn trí nghĩ đủ mọi cách, uốn 3 tấc lưỡi, vận dụng tối đa IQ năn nỉ, yêu chiều, hùng hục kiếm xiền cũng chỉ để mua nịnh JJ nào là Audi 8, nhà, nhẫn, vòng, quần áo hàng hiệu, trả lời phỏng vấn người yêu lí tưởng cũng toàn là hình ảnh JJ (nào là “tôi thích người cao, thanh mảnh”, “mạnh mẽ hơn tôi”, “thông minh, lập dị chút kiểu nửa đêm đến công viên…ss bó tay)
    – 2 đứa này, cứ nửa bí mật nửa công khai làm dân tình chết hết thôi.
    – Cái áo Yunho mặc khi nhận giải kia đích thị Chun cũng xài. Mấy anh em nó toàn mặc đồ của nhau (như Minnie xài áo len của Jae ấy)
    Pờ sờ: cái món đồ em ss tậu cho đó k mua ở Sài gòn, mà mua ở Pháp khi em ss từ Đức qua Pháp. ss cũng có lần liên hệ với 1shop trong SG (có lẽ đó là shop em của Bobo) nhưng để hỏi mua 1 món đồ khác.

  2. bạn thân của mình là gay, hồi trước nó từng là 1, bây giờ nó là 0. Trước đây nó ăn mặc bình thường lắm, dạo gần đây, nhất là từ lúc nó làm 0 bắt đầu thấy nó chuyển sang mặc đồ bó :)). Nó từng bảo gay có thể dễ dàng nhận ra nhau ( giống bạn uke trong bài của bobo ấy). Mình đưa nó xem mấy cái vid về yunjae, nó bảo là ko chắc lắm, nhưng khả năng yunjae is real khá là cao.

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