140813 Park Yoochun talks about TVXQ – “I hope we would someday share drinks together (as a five)”


On July 31th 2014, Jaejoong responded to Yunho’s compliments on July 29th 2014. In the interview he told that Yunho had dehydration before, so he hoped Yunho drink much water to stay hydrated during filming in this summer (the drama The Night Watchman).

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On August 19th 2014, during the interview with Sohu (China Media), Yunho said “It was very hot, & I sweat a lot. Even got dehydrated” & “I drank a lot of water”.

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In JYJ Membership August 4th 2014:



Some days ago, on July 29th 2014, at the Night Watchman’s Press Conference, Yunho talked about Jaejoong and his latest  drama a little answering one question from a journalist.

Yunho said: “… I watched it a bit and I like seeing how (he) worked hard…” 

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Shy Young was the tattooist who made fake tattoos for Yunho in Something, and  she has made a real tattoo for Jaejoong also.

Jaejoong’s latest tattoo is  “Amor Vincit Omnia” (Love conquers all), placed on his low tummy part (below the bellybutton).


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